From time to time over the last decade I have written a few essays. I have always held some complex opinions and now to add to the show, they are the complex opinions of a Quaker. I publish them here to a broader audience because while they are targeted to my religious immediate companions they can have meaning for my more distant spiritual friends. For instance while the essay on accepting non-theists was occasioned by a non-theist in my meeting, for those of you struggling with the same issue in your religious context may find it helpful.

Accepting the Challenge of Non-theism

The Innocence of Adam Before the Fall

The Value of Fiction

We are Important

The Memory of What is Possible

A Serious Child

What this Quaker does during the Meeting for Worship


Jesus’ Preference for the Poor

A Realization

The Clear or Empty Mind

Shared Silence

The Apollonian Way

A Brush with Sheldon

A Glimpse of the Experience of Living Life in the Light that Casts No Shadows

Humming at Friends General Conference

Insights from Other Sources- Outline – John Cowan 10/13/19

An essay provoked by THE THUNDER: PERFECT MIND

The Fallacy of Redemptive Violence