Hi! I am John Cowan.

Now that I am in my eighties from time to time reconnecting friends will ask me if I still write, and I usually answer, “No.” I might add that sometimes I send an essay to a blog, and that sometimes I review books I like and send them out to a selected list of about one hundred people, some from my past, and some from my present, but no longer do I write books. They are very hard to get published. Easy to publish yourself and then very hard to sell. So, with fifty thousand bound copies of my thoughts already on some shelf somewhere, I decided, “I quit.”

Then I scanned my output over the last few years buried in various corners of my computer desktop and discovered that maybe I do still write. Lots of words on pages there. With that came a mild ache to let other people read what I have written. With that comes this web-site with a section called “Essays,” thoughts running to two and three pages, a section called “Reviews,” books I am reading and want to lay before others, and “Poetry,” a few pretty good poems. Mostly very personal.